First of all…

I want to thank you for reading this! My name is ‘Matty’, short for Mathawee (pronounced Ma-ta-wee) and I’m the founder of HeartyHouseplants. I am 24 years old, originally from Thailand, but England has been my home for over ten years. I’ve still got so much love for Thailand (especially the food) and visit there regularly. When I’m not doing planty things, I’m currently studying full-time for an MSc in Business Management.

My interest in business, a dream of working for myself and my love of exotic houseplants led to me opening this shop. The journey so far has been a challenging but fulfilling one. I can’t wait to see what comes next! I hope you’ll come along on the journey with me.


“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

– Colin Powell

My adventure with houseplants began a couple of years ago. I had just moved to a new city as a recent graduate and found myself stuck in a seemingly endless job hunt.  I started looking for a new hobby, a distraction from all the negative thoughts and feelings. One day after a long drive I found myself going into a garden centre, just for a “look around”… 

An hour later, I walked out with four plants that I had fallen absolutely in love with. Instead of being worried about job application responses, I was worried about keeping my plants alive. The new hobby had worked! But I’d caught the planty bug, and there was no turning back now. New plants slowly but surely occupied all of my free surfaces. Fast-forward a few weeks, and my flat was somehow full of plants!

As any plant parent will understand, this journey of discovery had its fair share of stress, frustration, and doomed plants. Unfortunately some of that comes with keeping houseplants. But this was increased even further when my eyes were opened to the world of rare, exotic houseplants.

One day I came across photos of this incredibly striking plant, with beautiful long, dark and veiny leaves. It was love at first sight. I knew that I had to have it. Can you guess what plant it was…? 

It was an Anthurium Warocqueanum, more commonly known as a Queen Anthurium. I searched for more information and found it was part of a family of plants called ‘Araceae‘ or Aroids. I kept up my research and came across page after page of these wonderfully different and exciting plants. I was finding out about Alocasias, Philodendrons, Monsteras, Xanthosomas and more. And I just had to have them all!

Each new plant had a different twist to caring for them, a new lesson to be learned. And boy, was I learning! I was making my own potting mix, creating moss poles, analysing different humidifiers, killing plants, reviving plants, potting, repotting, underwatering, overwatering, and repotting all over again.

After some time, and tons of practice, I ended up with a collection containing over 120 houseplants of varying species with them (nearly) all thriving. Not bad for a girl that used to struggle to keep a succulent alive!

Below are some of my absolute favourite plants that I currently have in my collection.

When searching for new rare plants I’d often find a new plant that I wanted, but nowhere to buy it from! Some of these plants are so in demand that stock can be essentially zero at times!

I ordered some of these dream plants from suppliers overseas, they arrived, and I was over the moon! Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t have much experience with nursing plants back from transit shock. I lost the majority of the plants due to this. I also had some packages get delayed or lost, which led to some even sadder plants when they finally arrived. 

With more orders and more experience, I kept getting better at acclimatising the plants to my home. Unfortunately, the reality of ordering from overseas is sometimes some plants won’t make it. Still, that number was getting lower and lower.

The photos below illustrate the time needed to fully acclimatise a plant, and this was one in quite good shape! 

27 May 2020

This Philodendron McDowell arrived looking surprisingly well. Its newest leaf looked amazing but the others were creased and damaged from transit.

12 June 2020

A few leaves had been lost as the plant adjusted to its new home.

27 July 2020

Acclimatised! Two months later Mr.McDowell finally pushed out his first new leaf under my care.

Transit and related issues weren’t the only problems I faced with importing. I’m sure many of you plant collectors out there will have felt the pain of receiving a falsely advertised plant. I had plants turn up that were considerably smaller than the image on the listing, with fewer leaves, or with fewer roots.

I was able to make contact with several suppliers in Thailand. Being fluent in Thai helped here, as I avoided some of the communication problems I ran into with other suppliers. During my latest visit, I even visited one of their nurseries. I was lucky enough to see all of the amazing plants they were raising, and managed to pick up a few tricks of the trade!

I can’t resist sharing a few photos of the incredible plants I saw there!

I had been selling a small number of cuttings and plants on eBay up to this time, but this experience in Thailand was the final piece of the puzzle that got me feeling ready to launch a store of my own.

I started Hearty Houseplants with a mission, to minimise all of that stress I’d experienced when buying rare plants online. Adding that jewel of a plant to your collection shouldn’t be such a worry. I’ve weathered those storms so that you don’t have to!

That’s why we photograph each and every plant individually, from multiple angles. We don’t want our customers to be surprised when they open up their planty mail. You deserve to know exactly what you’re ordering.

Shipping from within Great Britain means we can post almost every order using Royal Mails Guaranteed Next Day delivery service. Which also allows you to track it every step of the way. This short transit time greatly reduces the stress to your plant. We also offer full refunds/replacements on the rare occasions where a plant does get damaged in transit. You can see our FAQ for more information.

Having just launched in February 2021, that is our whole story for now. Thank you to everybody that’s supported us so far, and continues to support us every day. We’ll keep working to always improve our service, and to bring the best possible plants to your door. 


All the planty love,